With summer rapidly approaching and change being in the air, I decided to do something different with my hair this past weekend. I have kept my hair a solid dark brown color (which seems to have gradually gotten darker over the past year) for almost 2 years now, so I decided it was time to lighten up some and give texture to my long layers. The hair salon I go to is Nine Zero One in West Hollywood (, which is a gorgeous and huge salon that caters to a lot of celebrities, so I am always seeing the latest trends in hair on all of the stylists. My stylist, Shaylee, is a brunette that has slowly been adding light to her own hair, along with most of the other stylists, so I decided to jump on board! The latest color treatment is called Balayage, which means “hair painting”. They are natural looking highlights that blend to the color of your hair with a gradation effect. Balayage involves painting sections of the hair freehand, although there are other techniques. Shaylee took sections of my hair, teased it, painted the color on, then scrunched foil around the hair.   After sitting under the dryer and her adding a toner to the highlighted strands, the end result is a sexy “grown out” look that takes a lot less time, and requires less maintenance than traditional highlights since the roots don’t need to be touched up every month. The entire process, including blowing out my thick long hair (sometimes requiring 2 people on me at a time to speed up the process!), took about 90 minutes. I’m loving my new hair! So whether it’s a change in your hair, workout, diet or supplementation, sometimes it’s just what you may be needing in order to bust out of stagnation and bring new energy into your life! I have always been a fan of change; change is good ;)

Xo Cat

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